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Welcome to our property, we hope you enjoy your stay, feel at home and take care of it as much as we do.

About the property

- The entrance is by code, we have a smart lock, so we will send you the access code by WhatsApp.


- You can find plates, glasses, cutlery and kitchen utensils in the drawers and on the shelf (please, if you need something special you can tell me)

- The kitchen is induction 

- Wifi:


password:  48575443DF4C43A6

Living room:

- 1 remote control for the TV and another remote control for the channels

- Beach and pool towels are in the room.

- Behind the doors of the bathrooms, there are the bath towels (it is some shelves)

- We leave a dark colored towel, in case you need it for dyed hair

- please use the facial towels (take care of our white towels)

- do not throw papers or garbage in the toilet

- While you have the air conditioners on, please keep the exterior doors closed.

- When you are not in the apartment please leave the lights, TV and AC off

- If you have a car you must park at number B - 409

- It is totally forbidden to smoke inside the property (you will be fined 350usd)

- the washing machine does not dry, we leave a mobile clothesline that you can use to dry your clothes.

- To receive visits you must notify us a few hours before (we must send an email to security with the IDs of your visitors to authorize access) 


- You can notify us in advance of the departure time, we like to be present at the farewell of our clients.

- please throw away the garbage from the kitchen (in some white houses that are in the parking area)

We love giving our clients their space, but we are always on hand for whatever they may need, please contact us by WhatsApp.

The apartment is inside a residential, it is not a hotel. For any information or need you should contact us.


- Residential pool (9am - 8pm)


- Cana Bay Private Beach Club (Minimum consumption 25usd per person) (15 minutes walking) (10am - 6pm)

- Day pass Hard Rock Hotel (request 1 day before, I have to send an email to request your access)  Day pass 10am - 6pm US$95 child US$47 / Night pass 6pm - 2am US$69 / Long day pass 10am - 2am US$145 child US$61 These prices may vary by season, and are per person and children 4 - 12 years old.

- Casino Hard Rock Hotel (you must go directly to the Hotel and request access)

- Hard Rock Golf Club

-Tennis/Paddle Club

- Golf cart rental (50usd in cash per day)

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