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Punta Cana

A wonderful city


Punta Cana is a beautiful tourist pole  located east of the  Dominican Republic , in the province of La Altagracia, whose total area is about 420,000  m2.

It is usually the dream destination for those  who travel to the Caribbean to take a few days off, enjoy the honeymoon or simply indulge in living fully for a few days in a heavenly place. Surrounded by transparent waters and white sands, with ideal temperatures for tanning, this destination is one of the most visited in the Caribbean.

Every tourist is fascinated by the beaches of fine white sand, and the sea of a soft greenish blue, without reaching the turquoise of the Caribbean beaches located further south.

The water is always transparent and palm trees abound, and the weather is constant, with average temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius (ºC), the temperature range being about twelve degrees, from 20ºC in winter to a maximum of 32ºC between April and November.

Among the best tourist attractions in Punta Cana are the following places:

  • The golf  : This sport is very interesting to practice in this Dominican tourist destination, since the fields where it takes place are really first class. In addition, nature is present with the landscape that surrounds them.

  • Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)  : It is an airport that takes the merit of being totally original, different, attractive and that expresses in its image all the culture of a people, because among its characteristics you can see that it is a colorful, open-air airport that combines the simplicity and comfort.

  • Sandy beaches. 

  • Deep-sea fishing: If you love fishing, you shouldn't miss your trip to Punta Cana to enjoy one of the most practiced sports in the region.

  • Diving and snorkelling  : Doing both snorkeling and diving you can see an incredible diversity of fish, vegetation  underwater and corals of the most wonderful.

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